Monday, June 4, 2012

Normal Sunday

This time I'm just updating my blog with some pictures, my cousin took while we were out for a brunch this late Sunday morning. A lot has happened in such a little time & so all of a sudden, that it's being so hard for me to understand , what's exactly going on in my life. & visiting my cousins, always, refreshes my mind & makes me forget all my troubles  for a while. Well, they say, everything happens for a reason & all I hope is the reason to be, a good enough one. The denim pants are from Diesel, the blue ballerinas are from Scoop. the laced  vest & the bag are Vintage products & the floral shirt is not a new thing, since I've already used it in one of my old posts.. So, that's it for now, hope you guys liked it & you can leave your comments below. <3 Peace&Love.


  1. Very interesting array of colors for this outfit. The subtle pinks and blues with your outfit are lovely. I like those pants along with the shoes. The boldest pops of color come from your hair and your lipstick. You look, as always, very beautiful.

  2. Fantastic blog and brilliant post!!! You're amazing!!! Your sense of style is fantastic too!!! Absolutely brilliant!

    Have a great week!