Sunday, May 20, 2012

Streets with them Heels.

I've not been so active on my blog lately, blame it on my sickness or to my real rough week but anyways, I'm back to blogging. & from the pictures itself, it can be told how hot and sunny the weather is, well floral prints are so in this season that I couldn't resist to add the shorts to my look this time, the shirt that I'm wearing is so my all time favorite and being white, it goes well with just everything. I got them new heels from Roko and the nude color is just what i wanted, the accessories are all bought from the street markets, I so love the street stuffs & specially the turquoise necklace was like the love on first sight. & I already feel like  it's gonna be my favorite this summer. well that's it for now, hope you guys liked the post. Peace&Love. 


  1. AH! thank you so much! these shorts with the chunky wedges r so cute together! :D

    I'm starting an online vintage shop and scholarship fund next week! ah- nervous about that :p

    God bless

    1. Best of luck with your new projects. May God bless you too.
      & thank you.

  2. i love your hair! the whole outfit is so casual and chic. xx

  3. your hair is unlike anything i've seen and i mean it in a good way. interesting color.

  4. Those sandals are lovely, and so is this outfit. Cool sunglasses and cool hair as well. Sweet style!