Tuesday, May 29, 2012


White collared Black shirt- 5th Avenue
Black sandals-ToGo

The days are taking much longer time to pass, than they used to & I've started getting so forgetful of things that I do theseday, all of a sudden, I'm feeling so much of burden on me & all day of working is not a new thing for  me, yet everything feels different somehow. All the passion for life that I had in me is taking a different direction, & these are the times I feel  like I'm the loneliest person in this whole wide world with a heart full of mute miseries, who is forced to face the reality of the world. I wish if, I could just runaway from everything or  just could vanish like nothing. But things like these, don't happen for real. Well, hope I get my peace in me. Peace&Love. Tse-ring.


  1. Talk about a pop of color... this is more like an explosion of color, and MULTIPLE colors! Very wild pants along with some stylish sandals. The sheer button-down shirt is very nice along with the white collared top. Nice accessories as well. Very charming looks!


  2. Thank you for the comment di...
    i love your hair and your style
    its so unique and edgy
    and love the ay u play with colors....
    u r an inspiration
    i followed you,mind to follow back
    lots of love :)

  3. Loving the pop popping pants !
    I just found your blog, wanna follow each other tsering?
    Love love life

  4. thats a bold print right here. You've carried them oh so well.

  5. Love your blog and your looks, great style ! " The Key of Happiness " is also the title of my new French song ( La clef du bonheur ).... ♥ ♥ ♥