Sunday, May 27, 2012

Orange Love

I never thought long skirts would work on me, but when I saw this orange, floral prints, I just couldn't wait trying them on & you can already know, that i fell in love with them, the skirt is actually from India & if you've read my posts earlier, you might have already guessed, Yess!! the street bazaars again. The top is from Castro & the accessories, the turquoise ring is from Forever 21, the necklace is a gift from my cousin, & it is actually from Nepal. well that's it for now, drop your comments below & let me know what ya'll think. Peace&Love <3


  1. This is my very first time on "My key of Happiness." I am John from the United States. You are a beautiful lady with. Your face and hair are both beautiful. Equally beautiful is this bold orange skirt you're wearing. Your necklace is lovely as well. Once again, you are beautiful and look beautiful, Tse-Ring.