Tuesday, May 29, 2012


White collared Black shirt- 5th Avenue
Black sandals-ToGo

The days are taking much longer time to pass, than they used to & I've started getting so forgetful of things that I do theseday, all of a sudden, I'm feeling so much of burden on me & all day of working is not a new thing for  me, yet everything feels different somehow. All the passion for life that I had in me is taking a different direction, & these are the times I feel  like I'm the loneliest person in this whole wide world with a heart full of mute miseries, who is forced to face the reality of the world. I wish if, I could just runaway from everything or  just could vanish like nothing. But things like these, don't happen for real. Well, hope I get my peace in me. Peace&Love. Tse-ring.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Orange Love

I never thought long skirts would work on me, but when I saw this orange, floral prints, I just couldn't wait trying them on & you can already know, that i fell in love with them, the skirt is actually from India & if you've read my posts earlier, you might have already guessed, Yess!! the street bazaars again. The top is from Castro & the accessories, the turquoise ring is from Forever 21, the necklace is a gift from my cousin, & it is actually from Nepal. well that's it for now, drop your comments below & let me know what ya'll think. Peace&Love <3

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Streets with them Heels.

I've not been so active on my blog lately, blame it on my sickness or to my real rough week but anyways, I'm back to blogging. & from the pictures itself, it can be told how hot and sunny the weather is, well floral prints are so in this season that I couldn't resist to add the shorts to my look this time, the shirt that I'm wearing is so my all time favorite and being white, it goes well with just everything. I got them new heels from Roko and the nude color is just what i wanted, the accessories are all bought from the street markets, I so love the street stuffs & specially the turquoise necklace was like the love on first sight. & I already feel like  it's gonna be my favorite this summer. well that's it for now, hope you guys liked the post. Peace&Love. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black Mandala

They say, you realize the importance of anything, only when you don't have it anymore. I miss so many things from back home that I wish I could have them right now & when a friend of mine gifted  me the Mandala printed Tee that I am wearing right here, I totally fell in love with it, it was the perfect thing to make me happy & I'm so thankful to her. I rocked it with my new pair of pants that I purchased in a very cheap price (4$), I loved the color & the black stripes on it, that are kind of funky. On top of that, I added a sheer black shirt from Zara with a bag from Renuar & decided to wear the glasses & put on some accessories to give a Rock Chic feel to the whole look. All the pictures are taken by my best friends, love them.
Well that's it for now, hope you guys liked the post & feel free to leave your comments. Peace&Love.
Sheer Black Shirt- Zara
Mandala printed Black Shirt
Bag- Renuar